WHAT!?!  Battle 
Of The Books Starts This Week!?!?

  Join us
Sept. 29
7:45 am
in the

Recipe For Successful Collaboration

Successful Collaboration CAKE
By Fifth Graders in Ms. Lautenbach's Class

Battle Of The Books Heats Up

Battle of the Books
Heats Up

Meeting on Thursday
Mornings at 7:45 am

Our BOTB schedule is as follows:
Sept. 29
Oct. 6, 20,27,
Nov. 3, 10, (Not Nov. 17 and 24)
December 1—So far

How to write “In Which Book” Questions

1.  Begin each question with “In Which Book…”

2.  The answer for each question is always the title and author of the book.

3.   The questions can include what a character says, believes, wears, ect. any detail that is exclusive to that specific book. (include the page number)

EX:  IWB will you find a character that forgets the combination to their locker at least 3.2 times per week? P.40 Wonder by Patricia Palacio

What Smart Readers Do WHILE Reading...

                              Second Graders Connect 
                  Beatrice Doesn't Want To  by Laura Numeroff
                                   And Third Graders 
          Infer, Predict, and Synthesize The Farmer by Mark Ludy

FYI ....Library Class Schedue



               Second Grade Practices Choosing

“Just Right” Books
With The Help Of
The Three Little Bears

Collaboration in Library

                      Collaboration Starts With

                     Ground Rules In The Library

Fifth Grade Students Created Rules for Collaboration!