Savvy Beat Wonder!?! It Isn't Over Yet!

      What An Upset?!?!

              It seems that the 
            students preferred 
                   Spy School
                   Savvy, and 
            School of the dead!                  BUT... it isn't over yet!
                                                               Vote!  Ballots are due Friday, March 3

Battle Of The Books Teams Move On To The Quarter Finals

      Congratulations to the
       Battle of the Books teams!

      Last Wednesday the 
     Fifth Grade team
            crushed Iron Horse Elementary
            with a final score of 43 to 38.

             This awesome winning streak 
        has lead BOTH teams 
         to the Quarter Finals!

      Join us next week to witness the
      nail-biting Quarter Finals
       at the new Parker Library.

The Third/Fourth Grade 

team takes on

Pioneer Elementary on

February 28 at 7:00 pm

The Fifth Grade Team

faces off with Mammoth 

 Heights on

March 1 at 6:3pm

March Madness... Book Madness Round 1 Results

Now You Can Vote For            Round 2!!
           Voting closes Feb. 24

     Help Determine The
Gold Rush Elementary
  Book Of The Year!!

Book Tasting... a Fourth Grade Literary Event by Fifth Grade Students

Wolves Of The Beyond.. a fabulous book!
Fifth grader suggests Drita to fourth grade

Hana's Suitcase Book Tasting

Battle of the Books Winning Week

to The Battle of the Books Teams

The Third/Fourth Grade team
crushed American Academy Last Tuesday
with a score of 46 to 33!!

Not to be out done, the Fifth Grade team
 annihilated American Academy last Wednesday
with a score of 53 to 35!!

WOW! Amazing Job GRE

Tune in this week on Feb. 7 and 8
at 5:00pm at the Parker Library
when we compete against Frontier Valley